Adhesif Labels Limited was established in Auckland, New Zealand in 1981. They are commercial label printers.

Eight years later, Adhesifs Australian operation began in Sydney. We employ more than one hundred and twenty specialised people who understand every facet of self-adhesive label production. Today, both operations produce self-adhesive labels for local and international companies in every product sector including food labels, wine labels, beer labels, beverage labels, health product labels, FMCG labels, cosmetic labels and pharmaceutical labels.

An on-going research, development and investment programme ensures that the best quality label is delivered at the most competitive price. This objective reflects our company vision. Adhesif has developed an industry-recognised business model and is seen as a global leader in self-adhesive label technology, bulk label printing, production and application.

About Adhesif Bulk Label Printers

Technical Leadership

Since 1991, Adhesif has had a close working partnership with the world’s leading label printing machine manufacturing companies and other market leaders.

We have embraced an innovative approach. Gallus technology was first integrated and incorporates different print processes on the same press. They have developed the only fully servo-driven label printing systems and have created training programmes to improve productivity, performance and effectiveness.

Adhesif’s plants provide: