Adhesifs. Our Range of Labels and Label Products

Adhesifs was founded in 1981 and specialises in all aspects of the adhesive label industry. Today the company has two purpose-built manufacturing plants; one in Auckland, New Zealand and the other in Sydney, Australia.

Product Labelling

We print labels for a wide range of consumer products and services. These include Food and beverage for FMCG brands, cosmetics, household cleaners, thermal labels for cool and cold cabinet products and brands, logistics labels for track and trace service companies, and labels for automotive additive and care products.
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Wine Labelling

This is a category in which we are known specialists. It is an industry where bottle configuration depends on varietal type, product positioning and instant target group identification. Adhesifs produce a wide range of wine labels that have attracted world-wide attention and sales. Request by phone or email Our Guide to Wine Labels.
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Shrink Sleeve

Adhesifs has the print technology and production experience that guarantees shrink-sleeve labels of consistent quality delivered within your deadline.
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Shrink sleeve Labelling

The growth and development of shrinksleeve labelling requires a label producer that understands this aspect of consumer labelling and its specialised application techniques.

Adhesifs has the printing technology and experience that guarantees shrinksleeve labels are delivered within your deadline. The correct choice of temperature-tolerant materials is very important and we use the best quality P.E.T. and P.V.C. films available.


Repositioning notes for advertisers to: drive store traffic, increase ad response rate and promote branding.
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Counterfeit labels can cost millions of dollars in recall, correction and loss of consumer goodwill.

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